A very Sad Demise of an Ahmadi Student.

By Zubair Khan

Reliable sources intimated a young 5th year student of Jamia Ahmadiyya UK, Mr Salem Raza, son of Mr Salim who works in Ahmadiyya  offices London has died during a hiking mission in Italy.  Innah lillahe wa innah elaihe rajeoon. Allah may rest his soul in peace and grant steadfastness to his elderly parents.  More details are still awaited.

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  1. my eldest brother also died in a mountain accident in Switzerland when I was very young. 3 youngsters climbed in June and wanted to reach a mountain hut for the night. On the way there the weather changed and a snow storm came up. They dig a cave into the snow and wanted to wait out the storm. When the weather changed and the rescue team arrived two of the guys were frozen to death in the snow. My brother was not there. It seemed that he was stronger and wanted to go for help, but he slipped on the way and was killed too. Strangely on the same spot someone else slipped during the day (without any snow storm) on the same place and was killed too … such is life … and death … (We all are from Allah and to Him we all return).

  2. A Model Youth – Hiking Incident in Italy
    Peace be on all….Recently, in a sad incident in Italy, a young student of Jamia Ahmadiyya UK (religious university) who was hiking along with other members of hiking department, fell in an accident and passed away. He was life devotee and studying to become a missionary. In his life, he was a living model of high moral and spiritual values as servant of Islam, with exceptional qualities.

    Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t) mentioned the incident and his qualities as role model.

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