These Muslim Pilgrims Are Taking Extraordinary Journeys For Hajj

Source: Buzzfeed News


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  1. This year’s (1437) pilgrims were partly misled to stand on Mount Arafaat on the day following Arafa Day, instead of Arafa Day itself, so that they stand on the 11th September 2016 on which the 15th anniversary of the jewish “Trumpets Day” qabbaalistic attacks of 2001 is held. Thanks God, the qabbaala-jewish misleaders failed to bring the whole number of the moslem pilgrims, and a good number of them showed up on Arafaat on the right and the earlier day, the 10th September 2016. To try to lure some pilgrims into their 11th September trap-day, they artificially claimed that they couldn’t see through some clouds the new Helaal in Hautat Sodayr, instead of the religion-legal action of honestly gazing for the dhou-al’Hedjdja Helaal in Macca or its surroundings. Hautat Sodayr is completely a religion-illegal place to know the right start of the new lunar month in Bacca and its surroundings, since it is placed in an entirely different time-zone and some 900 kilometers away approximately !!!! – Allaah ya DJabbaar ya Montaqem, make their earthly punishment soon, for this crime was not small at all.

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