Association Jama’at Islamic Ahmadiyya Mali (AJIA-Mali) help hundreds of households affected by floods in Segou

Flood in Segou and its surroundings: the Jama’at Islamic Ahmadiyya Mali at the bedside of claims

A strong delegation of the Association Jama’at Islamic Ahmadiyya Mali (AJIA-Mali) consisting of Zafar Ahmad Butt, Amir/President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community of Mali and its General Secretary Modibo Cisse Kane, went on Tuesday 30 August 2016, in the rural municipality of Falo, chief town of the District of the region of Ségou to come help to hundreds of households in four villages the flood occurred in the night of 19-20 July 2016, in the town of Falo and its surroundings. The symbolic ceremony of this donation was chaired by Seydou Diallo, the sub-prefect of the locality, in the presence of Kassoum Coulibaly, the Mayor of the municipality as well as the customary authorities.

 This flood has affected four villages namely: Falo, King, Mougnana, and only Tola is more than 170 households whose total 1254 people and she took with her 312 houses, tons of grain, a few cattle and more than 60 wells and latrines. According to local officials, this heavy rain has caused damage. And it is following the appeal of the Jama officials ‘ at Islamic Ahmadiyya Mali decided to make its contribution to the population in need. A gesture that came at a right time as evidenced by the lucky recipients such as these three mothers of families who have expressed their feelings of joy and thanked the community for its solidarity.

Djelika Dembele, a beneficiary, says that in islam if your neighbor comes to your rescue in the difficulty, can only give thanks to God. “These cereals will be really useful for us”, she said. Same Bell sound at Fanta Kay who really appreciated the donation.  Just like Sirantou Touré, who pointed out that these cereals will help alleviate their suffering. Finally, the village chief of Falo, Madou drinking thanked the community for this gesture of solidarity. He will say that he is really happy with this initiative.

Well before the symbolic presentation of this gift, the Mayor of Falo, Kassoum Coulibaly said: “when the flood occurred in the four villages, they felt necessary to inform people of good will so that they can help them. And it is thus that missionaries of Ahmadiyya in the village have informed their responsible for the situation.”

It to believe, it is what explains this ceremony. In his speech, President Amir of the community Muslim Ahmadiyya in Mali, Zafar Ahmad Butt, said they came to Falo to distribute these cereals because they have received the information from the missionaries that four villages were victims of the flood. According to him, this solidarity is the will of God.

“It is explained in the Koran to always provide assistance to people in difficult situations. “he said, adding that in a hadith, the Prophet has informed that the brother of a Muslim is the one with whom he shares the same belief. For him, the goal of the community is to convey the message of islam, which is peace, solidarity and fraternity. “This is the true face of islam”, he said.

Moreover, the sub-prefect of the District of Falo, Seydou Diallo thanked the mission Jama’at Islamic Ahmadiyya for his gesture which is of great importance. Similarly, he asked officials of the mission to continue to cultivate peace, harmony and tranquillity. According to the Deputy Prefect, that’s islam.

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