Farnham Herald UK: Ahamdi Muslims spread message of peace

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK held its 50th “Jalsa Salana”, or Annual Convention, at Hadeeqatul Mahdi (formerly known as Oakland Farm) in East Worldham, drawing 38,000 delegates from 90 countries.

The three-day event serves as an opportunity for Ahmadi Muslims to “renew their faith”, “foster the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood”, and “gain guidance on the true teachings of Islam from their spiritual worldwide head, or caliph, of the Ahmadiyya community, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad”.

The 210-acre site, which was acquired by the community a decade ago, was converted into a tented village to house the event and offer food, accommodation and exhibitions for the delegates. National and international guests also attended, including the Vice-President of Uganda and many politicians, academics and civic leaders.

Organisers said the highlight of three days of speeches and exhibitions was the five keynote addresses delivered by Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who spoke on the need for “righteousness”, “peace” and, the often contentious issue for the religion, the “rights of women”. The jalsa culminated with an international pledge of allegiance to the “peaceful teachings of Islam at the hands of the caliph”.

Alton mayor Matthew Bayliss attended for the first time and enjoyed meeting members of the community and seeing the exhibitions on display.

“This community preaches peace and love for mankind — respect for fellow human beings regardless of what religion they are or where they come from,” he said. “Muslims receive,… read more at PrevNext

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  1. Progress Report: Statistics and Events : 2 nd Day Address: UK Jalsa Salana 2016
    Peace be on you..In the second day’s address at UK Jalsa Salana 2016, Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) mentioned blessing of Allah the Exalted, statistics of various departments of Jama’at, impressions by non-Ahmadis and inspiring events.

    By the grace of God the Exalted by now, Jama’at is established in 209 countries of the world….In last 32 years [since when in 1984 fourth Khalifah (ra) was to migrate to UK], Jama’at has reached in 118 countries.
    TWO NEW COUNTRIES….This year two new countries are added; Paraguay and Cayman Island. Missioanries from Canada too did effort for Paraguay, and from Canada and Belize they went to Cayman Island.

    CONNECTIONS WITH NEW-COMMERS…Delegations were sent in 49 countries to meet new comers for their education and training, survey was made to make centers and registration of Jama’at. Interviews and articles were published in newspapers, literature was distributed. Public impression was good.

    Details @ http://www.religiousforums.com/forums/ahmadiyya-dir.327/

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