In hourlong sermon, Tim Kaine appeals to black voters with his faith story and a plea to vote

Source: The Washington Post

By Michelle Boorstein

In perhaps the most extensive religious speech of the campaign season, which doubled as a plea to black voters, Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine on Thursday described his faith identity and values as shaped largely by his experiences living and worshiping among Latino and African American Christians.

Kaine’s talk before the Progressive National Baptist Convention, a 2.5-million-member, liberal black denomination, was sermon-like in its heavy religious message and cadence. It ended with the denomination’s president saying: “Give it up for Reverend Kaine!” and contained many scriptural references, tales of his work as a missionary and of praying with Hillary Clinton backstage at the Democratic National Convention.

The core of his talk was about the Biblical story of Job, who loses everything, which Kaine said is really about how people react to suffering and tough conditions, whether they blame the victim and past errors or instead commit more deeply to their faith, principles and moving forward.

“After he has lost everything, he asks: ‘Where is my strength? I have to find it somewhere’…Sisters and brothers, our strength is our creator who has given us the capacity to love, the capacity to lead and the capacity to heal,” he told the audience. “Together with our congregations we have to make sure people don’t lose faith and that their vote matters.”

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