USA: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Connecticut organizes Muslims for Loyalty Tent at CT Meriden’s 12th Annual National Night Out

Report by Zahir Mannan


Nahmaduhu wa nusalli alaa RasoolihilKareem

الحمدلله MubarakAllah! By Allah swt’s, grace, we availed another opportunity in propagating the timely Message: Truth of the universal Messiah (as) & true Khalifa of Islam Ahmadiyya (aba) during the 12th Annual Meriden’s National Night Out.

This progressive gathering is designed to keep our youth off the streets and away from illicit drugs and thus attracts entire families, community engagers, education departments, multi faith leaders and clergy, and dignitaries like senators, house of reps, mayors, council, congress etc. who also try serving.

[Pictures from the event are followed below]

Together we enacted how True Islam practices love and loyalty to one’s current country, in our case America. Actually over 1000 flyers, brochures and literature like the Holy Quran and Life of Muhammad (saw), World Crisis and Pathway to Peace, True Islam, Muslims For Loyalty, Peace through the Messiah, Humanity First, and props etc. were disseminated along with 1 on 1 Tabligh (one visitor was already in the process of becoming Muslim after they had visited & witnessed remarkable incidents with us and saw divine dreams).

The diverse demographic of visitors to our “Messiah believing Muslims For Loyalty” booth reminded us the Imam Mahdi Messiah (as) and his noble Khalifa (aba) are sent to all with the healing Message of the Holy Quran and Divine model of the “Mercy sent unto all” (saw).

Over 20 Ahmadiyya Muslims (AnsarUllah, Khuddaam, Atfal, and Lajna (women)) spent a total of 100 hours (20 Jammat members x 5 hrs) in inviting our neighbors and compatriots to Allah T’alaa and True Islam.

Novel connections were made, old bridges were strengthened, and press & media covered our story in an interview relaying God’s Message via the Messiah (as) to even broader audiences WFSB I-Witness News 3

Sacrificing precious time in the way of Allah only for His love is one of the best ways of worship. Many worked behind the scenes to make this a reality (like Sadr Sahib and Danish bhai and the workers you might not see in the pictures below). Requesting sincere prayers for all!

Perhaps we can humbly advise other Jammaat’s to do the same as this happens in every state, IA. This is an opportunity for sharing our peace-loving message of with thousands of our compatriots without much effort as our beloved Khalifa says.

Pictures from the event:


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