Swedish far-right leader: Jews must abandon religious identity to be Swedes

Jewish community leader condemns remarks by Sweden Democrats politician as ‘good old rightwing antisemitism


The leader of Sweden’s Jewish community has condemned as “good old rightwing antisemitism” remarks by a far-right leader who said Jews cannot be Swedes unless they abandon their Jewish identity.

Lena Posner Körösi, president of the Official Council of Jewish Communities inSweden, said the comments conveyed a message that Jews were untrustworthy and could not be considered real Swedes, “exactly like in 1930s Germany” from which her grandfather had fled.

Official Sweden and social media have been in uproar after Björn Söder, secretary of the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats and deputy speaker in parliament, said Jews could become Swedish citizens but could not be Swedish unless they were assimilated.

Posner Körösi said the remarks showed “the mask is slipping” from the face of Sweden Democrats to reveal the essence of what they stand for.

“I am appalled that Sweden’s third largest party can express itself in this way about Jews and other minorities,” she said. “We have to take them really seriously. This not a small group of fanatics you can dismiss.”

The party took 13% of the vote in elections in September




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  1. @Bjorn Soder: @Vatican: Wrong approach, leave the jews out of the day to day running, they are not Swedes, English, French or any other nationality, their identity is Jew, their aim is World Domination through the Bible and the Koran. Both are translated/transliterated extensions of the Judaism scriptures. The Bible and Koran came into existence after the crucifixion. The jews have been put down six times (recorded), three times in the Bible, three times post bible. The “HOLLOW COST” was the sixth time. The Kaiser was aware of the jews behind the trouble during WWI, the jews brought it to mind giving rise to WWII. Cut yourself off from abnormal, psychological interference. (I invented the ‘left-hand side’ method (which the jews copied copied ‘right-hand side’ on TV)). This is because it is written in the Bible, Jews and Gentiles, I.e., their own doing, they have lived with this division for centuries, a constant mote in the Gentiles eye.

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