I am a Muslim doctor. I saved a Christian in Pakistan and it nearly cost me my life

Guardian: I am a Pakistani medical doctor, currently receiving political asylum in the US for the past year and a half. I sought refuge here after having to go through much humiliation and outright hatred for trying to practice ethical medicine and for belonging to a religious minority in my own motherland.

A while back, my father retired from a reputed local bank in Pakistan and moved to the US, along with the rest of my family. I continued to live in Pakistan: I was a fresh medical graduate pursuing the dream of post-graduate education in nephrology.

Life seemed well on track until one night while working an ER shift, when I received a patient needing urgent dialysis. Unattended and disheveled as he was, there was no one with him to get him the medicine he needed. Fearing he might die, I instinctually grabbed the emergency medicine donated via zakaat, an Islamic system of alms-giving, and performed the life-saving hemodialysis.

He survived but I immediately faced the wrath of the nurse. She was mad at me because the patient was a Christian and she said Islamic alms are not meant to be used on non-Muslims. But I did not know the patient’s faith, nor did I know that such a law existed.



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  1. @Dr Abdul Alim: @Bill Clinton: Are u aware of the flaws in the Koran? It is a transliterated extension of Judaism scriptures, it is the door through to those who are brought up on it/comply with it, enabling a means of psychological influence/control. Those who comply with it are not in control of their own minds. (The Bible is similar to the Koran, also an extension,, just known by a different name).

  2. I am a Muslim, those who hates Muslim because they see Saudi and Iran discriminate against Christians for years , I suggest to CAIR or other Islamic organizations to speak up loudly and demand Saudi and Iran’s Government to obey Human Right and treat all people fairly regardless his belief, nationality and sexual orientation. As long as Saudi and Iran do not treat Christians fairly, the Islamophobia will grow up quickly in America and in the West. All love

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