Top Arab diplomats vow to defeat ‘terror’


NOUAKCHOTT: Arab foreign ministers vowed on Saturday to “defeat terrorism”, as they gathered for a regional summit just over a week after a jihadist-claimed truck attack in the French Riviera left 84 people dead.

In a statement, they also called for a “definitive solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as Arab League heads of state prepared to meet in the Mauritanian capital on Monday and Tuesday.


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  1. Jew-Palestinian conflict is just the tip of the iceberg. Depicted in and beyond the Bible, Jews continued aggravation. 1st: requested to go away. 2nd: Returned to Babylon. 3rd: Told to stick to their faith. (Post Bible): 4th: defied the Roman Army, committed suicide. 5th: banished from England. 6th: WWII 1939-1945. 7th: Now: the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    • If absolute justice is ensured can prolong Jew rule. Contrary to it is chaos. Muslims unless turn to real teachings of Islam have remote chance to get rule of the area.

  2. Islam is definitelt NOT the “religion of peace”. That being said, Islamic terrorism wouldn’t be nearly the problem it is today if it weren’t for America and its attempts to create and use terrorist groups for their own ends. Using terror as a controlled weapon will always backfire, and neglects the basic rights of the people in the territories that America has targeted for “regime change”. ISIS WOULDNT EXIST IF NOT FOR AMERICA/ISRAEL/SAUDI ARABIA and their allies. The only way to end “terror” is if America and friends goes home and stops trying to use terror as a controlled weapon. Terror groups would still exist, but without American and allies weapons and support they would be crushed by the governments in the countries they exist in.
    With that beings said, the Muslim community definitely needs to denounce WHOLE PARTS OF THE BOOK if you want to be taken seriously as a peaceful religion. Again, I am not saying that Christianity or Judaism is peaceful either. But this is a website that purports to spread the message that most Muslims “do not believe in violence”, and unfortunately as I have seen when any peaceful verses are “abrogated” it is not true.

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