Would you accept blood from a gay donor?

Source. ET

More than a month has passed since the Orlando shooting revealed an exploitable defect inAmerican gun laws. What it also exposed, was a structural bias against a peaceful community that has existed for a long time.

On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen – later identified as a young Muslim who was troubled by his own homosexual orientation – opened fire inside a nightclub, killing 49 innocent people.

In the wake of this devastating attack, we’ve heard survivor accounts that challenge what we’ve been indoctrinated to believe regarding the alleged inhumanity of gay individuals. We’ve learned of ‘deviants’ who threw their bodies in front of their lovers, to shield them from bullets. And we found out about ‘degenerates’ who risked their lives to rescue complete strangers.


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  1. Muslims seem to be experts in the field of doublethink- that is to hold two contradictory opinions and believe them both to be true.
    For example believing everything in the Quran to be the literal word of God, the Verse of the Sword and all other violent verses included, yet believing that Islam is peaceful and accepting of other religions and sexual orientations. The only way for anyone to successfully hold both opinions is to simultaneously reject AND accept both of them!

    Being a Muslim (or Christian or Jew for that matter) requires one to not only deal with a great deal of cognitive dissonance, but also requires one take great pains to NEVER attempt to solve it, lest one “loses faith”… This involves denying ones own thoughts. How this is supposed to be a healthy way to live is beyond my comprehension!

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