Sharia followers aren’t the problem, Newt is

Source: The Baltimore Sun

By Huma Munir

In the wake of the horrible tragedy in Nice, France, Newt Gingrich has called for the deportation of Muslims who believe in the Sharia Law. So tell me, Mr. Gingrich, will you deport me when I say a prayer before I eat? When I give alms to the needy? Or when I greet my neighbor with a smile or take care of my sick parents? Tell me exactly how you plan to tease the Sharia out of me and millions of other Muslims living in the United States? Is this your plan to isolate us and expose us to discrimination?

It is a shame that a prominent political figure like yourself is completely ignorant of what Sharia even means. You have the power to influence minds and mold perceptions. Yet, all you have done is play into the hands of ISIS‘ narrative and incite citizens against one another. You have abused your power.

It’s people like you and Donald Trump we don’t need in this country spewing vitriol. If you were truly interested in serving America, you would use your influence and intellect to bridge the gap of understanding among citizens and further the American value of tolerance, rather than foster bigotry.

But alas, Mr. Gingrich is not the only American who is ignorant about Sharia — a concept that has generated much fear and controversy over the last decade. It is true that some Islamic countries have distorted what Sharia means and have imposed harsh interpretations of the law to suit their own motives. But in reality, Sharia is a moral code that tells Muslims how to live. It sets out rules and regulations as to how we can worship God and how we can manage our financial and moral affairs to lead a just and equitable society.

Islam tells us that loyalty to one’s country is part of faith. What that means is that if the United States commanded me or any other Muslim-American to fight another nation, we would be religiously obligated to do so — even if that country happens to be Saudi Arabia where Islam is the predominant religion. We would be obligated to honor the laws of our country.


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  1. @Dr Abdul Slim. The Koran is a derivative of Judaism scriptures, to comply with the Koran is to comply with Judaism. I read the Bible and found it to be a derivative of Judaism scriptures, I threw the Bible into the bin, I was not born to be a slave. Look close at the Koran, (you did not kill Jesus Christ, the jews had him crucified).

  2. @Newt Gingrich: To solve the problem: You have to get rid of the Koran and the Bible, both are extensions of Judaism. Both are being used to gain world domination. The Queen of England/UK/Btitish Empire and three PJ’s of the UK have been informed, some thirty years have passed with no response, regardless of obvious trouble emanating from Bible/Koran involvement.

    Islam was born in Saudi Arabia, millions Muslims face their prayer to Saudi Arabia.
    Extremist Muslims also was born in Saudi Arabia, and then exporting to the world.
    So as long as Saudi Arabia still discriminate non Muslims ( Christians, Jews, Hindu,Shia ) , now extremist Christians in USA or Europe will do the same.

    My suggestion to American Muslims is let us demand strongly Saudi Arabia to obey human right and treat all religious minorities fairly. Let Christian to have their own Church etc in Saudi Arabia’s cities.

    If we do not do it, American extremist Christians have the right to discriminate American Muslims. They do not care Human Right anymore. They do not care American’s constitution anymore,they want to change it.

    I suggest Muslim Ahmadiyah around the world to demand Saudi Arabia to treat all religious minorities fairly, before too late.

    All love

  4. Erdogan give a bad sample to the West , it is OK to oppress 9 000–50.000 Turkey’s people and put them to jail…because they do not agree with your faith. I am so afraid one day a country in the West will do the same to Extremist Muslims —-?! Or Mr Trump will do the same to American Muslims. What do you say? Erdogan should bear responsible for oppressing and killing his own people. He should resign if he is a wise leader.

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