Bible justifies rape in times of war, despite rabbis’ efforts to spin or hide the teaching – As I mentioned in my article Tuesday about Rabbi Eyal Qarim’s appointment to be chief Israeli army rabbi and his egregious advocacy concerning rape of a “comely woman” “in times of war”, I began looking into Qarim’s comments some three weeks ago, leading to a discussion on my Facebook wall. In the thread, Michael Lesher offered a comprehensive and informative response, pointing out the prevailing rabbinical views concerning the biblical episode. Lesher also points out how rabbis manage to escape the heat when their words end up being exposed to an “unintended audience”.
This is very important, because this culture is not being scrutinised that much, and a lot of it is kept rather secret amongst a Hebrew speaking religious group. It is doubtful that Qarim’s ‘interpretations’ would ever have come to be noticed in mainstream media as they have now, if it hadn’t been for the very fact of his appointment for Chief Army Rabbi. Lesher’s analysis also sheds light upon a wider issue, which is the Talmudic consensus in this matter. Qarim is not acting in a vacuum of Jewish religious opinion. He is not an extreme ideologue inside orthodox Judaism. In fact, he appears to be in a historical consensus.
Here is Michael Lesher’s comment (posted on my wall on June 20th):
For what it’s worth, I can add a bit to this mess.

The Talmud discusses the passage in question (Deut. 21:10-14) at Qiddushin 22a. Most of the passage is devoted to the details of the process that, according to these verses, must precede the soldier’s marriage to the captive woman. However, it is unclear from the Talmud whether or not the soldier is allowed to RAPE the woman BEFORE she begins that process — and commentators, predictably, differ.

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  1. First mistake, the Bible is NOT Judaism scriptures, it is a translation from the scriptures, it has nothing to do with the Jews, in the same way the jews scriptures have nothing to do with the Christians (psychological confusion), (similar Koran< bible/christianity< jews scriptures). I have maintained that the Bible & Koran are direct copies of the jews scriptures – point in question;- confusion in interpreting the Koran, now seen in this post, the jews in the background passing on their own confusion).

  2. I thought this wax a website about promoting Islam. Seems sad to put down someone else’s religion in an attempt to further your own.

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