Religious leaders gather to commend secularism in Nepal


Mount Everest in Nepal

Source: My Republica

By Shraddha Amatya

KATHMNADU, July 11: Religious leaders from the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Sikh and Muslim communities were unanimous in commending secularism in the country on Saturday. Stating that they now feel more equal in the country, the leaders said that secularism ensures religious harmony.

They held discussions over the topic of secularism during the Peace Symposium 2016 meeting organized by the Ahmadiyya community.


“Nepal witnesses many religion practices,” Assistant Minister for the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Resham Bahadur Lama, said. “Roles of the diverse religious practices have been making Nepalese people very open minded and adaptable to every positive change in our society.”
“We, more than following religious practice, adhere to its meaning because we understand that whatever the religion is, it is a mission to spread peace and humanity.” Lama added.

Speaking at the event, leaders from various religious communities lauded Nepal’s role in global peace.

Leaders from the Ahmadiyya community also stressed on the misunderstandings created about their Muslim faith due to the recent terrorist attacks in the world.


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