Video: Justin Trudeau sends heartwarming Eid message


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is often seen as the champion of minority rights and diversity, on Wednesday sent a heartwarming Eid message for Muslims in Canada and across the globe.

“Today, Muslims in Canada and around the world will gather to celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramazan and to give thanks for the spiritual renewal and many blessings received throughout the holy month,” the premier said in a press statement.

“Eidul Fitr is a time to strengthen family ties, renew friendships, and show compassion and humanity towards those in need both in local communities and around the world.”

“To mark this important occasion, Muslims attend special morning prayers, exchange greetings and gifts, and share a special celebratory meal – their first daytime meal in a month,” he added.

Eid marks the end of holy month of the Ramazan for Muslims. It is celebrated for three days and is an official holiday in all Muslim-majority countries. The starting day varies every year and from country to country depending on geographical location.

“On this day, let us thank Canada’s vibrant Muslim community for its tremendous contributions to the shaping and building of our great nation,” said Trudeau.

“Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and a source of pride

“On behalf of our family, Sophie and I extend our best wishes to all those celebrating Eidul Fitr in Canada and around the world. Eid Mubarak!”

On Monday, the Gulf Arab countries announced that Eidul Fitr will be celebrated on July 6 (Wednesday). Similarly, many countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and the UAE are observing the end of Ramazan on Wednesday.

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  1. Donald Trump should take some lessons from him on how to build bridges instead of spreading hate!

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