3 Muslims On How Converting To Islam Changed Their Ideas About God

Source: Huffington Post

BY Carol Kuruvilla

Associate Religion Editor

To change religions is to wrestle with your past beliefs and think deeply about who God is and what you want your life’s purpose to be.

For converts to Islam, along with a period of soul searching, there’s the added challenge of coming into a religious identity that is under increased scrutiny in America. Islamophobia is on the rise and Muslims are often unfairly asked to defend their faith and their very presence in America.

Regardless of where they came from and what their religious destination was, converts often emerge from the unexpected twist in their faith journeys with beautifully complex ways of thinking about humanity’s relationship with the Divine.

HuffPost Religion asked three converts in our network to Islam to explain in their own words how taking a leap of faith into a new religion influenced their ideas about God. Read on to learn more these converts’ experiences.

Kristin Szremski

Converted from the Lutheran Church

Kristin Szremski is a 55 years old from Washington, D.C.

“My personal faith journey has brought my understanding about God into crystal clarity. That is not to say that I know everything about God because our understanding of Him is limited. But when I was a Protestant and later a Catholic, God seemed angry and retributive to me; remote, and I focused on Jesus as an intercessor instead.

Islam has taught me that God is Absolute. Among his 99 names, we learn God is absolute love, mercy, generosity, compassion and purity. He is also the absolute judge and reckoner of our affairs. So, in a way Islam unified and brought into focus the previous ideas I had about God while also elucidating He is the Creator and He alone created us. Therefore, it is He alone who is worthy of worship.

I have come to understand that God is readily accessible to us.

But mostly, I have come to understand that God is readily accessible to us. He tells us He is ‘closer to us than our own jugular veins.‘ All we need to do is make an effort to increase our faith and spirituality by things like reading the Quran and praying. We take a step toward God and He comes running toward us.”

To learn more about Szremski’s conversion and her very first pilgrimage to Mecca, read her blog here. 


Simoni LoVano

Converted from the Catholic Church

Simone Lovano is 26 years old and lives in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

“Coming to Islam – peaceful submission to God – has built inside of me a stronger sense of God-consciousness.  Islam is all about intention – recognizing that all power and knowledge comes from our creator and remembering and applying this to every aspect of life.  Submitting ourselves to the All-Powerful helps turn perceived struggles and hardships into opportunities recognizing that ‘what has reached you was never meant to miss you and what has missed you was never meant to reach you.’  Islam brought God into the forefront for me and blurred the line between secular and religious life.

Islam brought God into the forefront for me and blurred the line between secular and religious life.

As I learn more in my journey towards Islam, there is always the simple and powerful image of God as One, indivisible, with no partners, the creator and the constant shaper of everything.  The Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, the Judge, the Source of Peace, the All-Powerful, the Light, the First and the Last.”

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