Germany v Italy: battle of hair, towers and two-wheelers

Source. The Local

Germany v Italy: battle of hair, towers and two-wheelers

Italy face Germany in the quarter finals of Euro 2016 on Saturday.

History would certainly suggest Italy will come out on top in the Euro 2016 quarter-final on Saturday.

Some Germans believe their country is cursed when it comes to facing the Azzurri and not without reason. Germany has never beaten Italy at a tournament in a run stretching back to the 1962 World Cup.

But are there other clues from which we can augur the eventual victor? Patrick Browne from The Local Italy and Jörg Luyken from The Local Germany fight their countries’ corner.


5 replies

  1. OK let history be rewritten after 1962. This evening Germany will be the winner with Gottes will.

  2. Well, it seems to be difficult for a Swiss to cheer Germany in sports. The funny thing is that no one really knows the reason. It must be dating back to the middle ages, when Europe did not write down its history.

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