The fault in our star

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The fault in our star

She continued suffering – and questioning; until she achieved. A world record for being the youngest person to pass the O level exams.

Belonging to the minority Ahmadiyya sect, Muhammad Ali Akbar has seen a lot of difficulties in his life. Snatched away with the right to practice his religion, he got arrested in ’99 over a fake police case registered by the local MPA. A hostile country, with equally unfriendly people and daughter who refused to go by the conventions; he couldn’t have seen more.

Living in self-exile with his family, he is optimistic about a Pakistan that his forefathers aspired – a Pakistan that Jinnah envisioned.

Being a crazy mother of a crazy child, Mrs. Bushra Akbar has been the biggest support to Sitara. She faced her refusal to learn things through cramming very patiently and instead of forcing her into it. She realized her daughter’s extraordinary qualities and helped her through the process of making world records.

I spoke to Sitara recently. Apart from being a brilliant student, she is an excellent speaker.


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  1. Brilliantly written Umer. She is a blessed girl. Some how God will take care of her if Pakistan did not. The day absolute justice will be ensured in motherland it will become a glorious country. until now all lip service. Alas some one can realise lest it becomes too late.

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