Saudi Arabia:Shoura warns Congress of anti-KSA bill fallout

JEDDAH: A delegation of the Shoura Council has warned members of the US Congress about the undesirable political consequences for that country if the draft bill on allowing the families of the Sept. 11 attacks victims to sue Saudi Arabia was approved.
Disclosing this to a local publication, Shoura Council Deputy Speaker Mohammed bin Amin Al-Jafri said: “The bill will make the United States accountable and responsible for issues, and lawsuits will be filed against the country. This will set a wrong precedent in the history of relations between the two countries. The Kingdom has never supported terrorism or extremism.”
“We explained to Congress that the Kingdom has enjoyed healthy economic, commercial and cultural relations with the United States for 80 years and never wished to jeopardize these relations,” he said.
Al-Jafri said the Shoura team’s visit to the US was aimed at increasing the bonds of communication with the members of the US Congress, both the House and Senate, and to increase a healthy legislative cooperation between the two countries.
The visit also detailed Saudi efforts to achieve international peace and security, as well as its support and contribution to the fight against terrorism and extremism, he said.
“We also highlighted the efforts made by our country to enable the Yemeni people to restore legitimacy and peace in their country,” said Al-Jafri.
He said that the Shoura delegation explained the Kingdom’s efforts in bringing peace back to Syria, and its vision that such peace cannot be achieved until Bashar Assad remains in power.
“We informed Congress about the aid extended by the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid and that all other suspicious channels of aid and relief have been shut down.
“We explained to them the Kingdom’s move to form the largest Muslim military alliance in modern history to fight terrorism, not only militarily but also intellectually and ideologically.”

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  1. I say again and again here that a permanent peace will not achieve, unless Saudi and Iran obey Human Right and treat all people equally and fairly.

    Human right is the core of Islamic teaching too, if Saudi and Iran refuse Human Right, they refuse Islamic teaching or Syriah Law.

    Human Right is only one of the best resolution of peace. Saudi and Iran have to learn fron the religious conflict between Catholic and Protestant. Now both sects can live in peace, harmony and dignity.

    Was Salam–with love

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