A Week of Terror Attacks in Baghdad That Killed Hundreds


Source: The New York Times


The wave of attacks came as Iraqi security forces are taking back territory from the Islamic State. The bombings are likely to put pressure on government officials to pull back military and police units from the front lines to secure the capital.



May 11 Sadr City 70 ISIS A pickup truck loaded with fruit and vegetables exploded in a crowded food market around 10 a.m. The Islamic State claimed responsibility on social media.


May 11 Kadhimiya 17 ISIS A suicide bomber attacked a police checkpoint.


May 11 Hayy Al Jamia 9 ISIS A car bomb exploded at a police checkpoint.


May 15 Taji 14 ISIS At dawn, a suicide car bomber attacked the main gate of a gas plant, followed by six suicide bombs inside the facility.


May 17 Shaab 39 ISIS An I.E.D. and then a suicide bomber targeted an outdoor market early in the morning. ISIS claimed responsibility in a statement on a militant website.


May 17 Dora 10 None A parked car exploded at a wholesale vegetable market in the morning.


May 17 Habibiya 7 None A suicide bomber attacked a restaurant early in the afternoon.


May 17 Sadr City 23 None A suicide bomber attacked a crowded market in the afternoon.

A shop was destroyed in a bombing in Baghdad’s Sadr City on May 11.Ahmad Al-Rubaye/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Smoke billowed from the Taji gas plant after it was attacked May 15. Sabah Arar/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
Security forces inspected the scene at a market in Baghdad’s Shaab neighborhood on May 17.

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  1. I strongly believe that Muslim kill / bomb Muslim will continue UNTIL Saudi Arabia (gulf States) and Iran obey Human Right, and treat all people equally and freedom of religion speech and expression.

    If we want to see peace in this beautiful world, we, Muslim and non Muslim stand up together to demand Saudi and Iran obey Human Right, like Catholic and Protestant’s conflict 700 years ago. Now both can live in peace, harmony and dignity. Wow.. so let us stand up together…..


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