9 Times Bono Was Spot On About What It’s Like To Search For God

Huff Post: Before Bono became the world-famous humanitarian and frontman of the Irish rock band U2, he was Paul David Hewson from Dublin.

The son of a Roman Catholic dad and a Protestant mother, Bono grew up during a time of sectarian conflict and witnessed the human cost of militant belief. So it’s no surprise that he became disenchanted with the idea of organized religion, turning to music instead for that wild, spiritual high.

As a bandleader and songwriter, Bono has helped infuse U2’s music with spirituality from the start — expressing the kind of faith that is filled with both skepticism and a deep yearning for answers.

The musician and advocate, whose ONE organization campaigns to fight global poverty and disease, also engages with issues of faith away from his role as a rock star. Bono has offered thoughtful critiques of Christian culture, written introductions to Christian booksengaged in dialogue with evangelical leaders, and intersperses his live performances with lines from one of his favorite book of the of Bible, the Psalms.


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