The unapologetic syndrome of truth

Source: The Nation

The PPP Chairperson’s origination of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir election campaign on Saturday in Kotli, was discolored by the prejudice of the country’s former Prime Minister for probably the most persecuted religious community in Pakistan. The remarks eulogized the PPP government of its founder Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, for the execution of the ‘Qadiani’ (a derogatory term for the Ahmadiyya – Muslim community) question; hence closing the mouth and severing the neck of it thereof. The spleen disgorged by the person who no more than three years ago engaged the most sacrosanct spot in the government, is not wholly disconcerting and comparable of hate speech, but also factually erroneous and disingenuous demonizing the epicenter of Pakistani populism and its highest leader in prestige- next only to Jinnah.

Anecdotes of the founder’s trusty involvement with the Ahmedi community in the years that led to the foundation of Pakistan- the most prominent of them being Muhammad ZafarullahKhan who chaired the All India Muslim League for a term, sketched the momentous Lahore Resolution and served as the debut Foreign Minister of Pakistan. The middling Pakistani mind has been doctored with vitriol for decades and is barefaced in the treatment parceled out to the country’s first Nobel laureate, renounced for his adherence to a religious faction disbanded by the self-righteous majority and the elegy of his grave defiled for removing the name ‘Muslim’ from it. The perplexing biasness is positioned on partial awareness which is perilous and has misinformed the discourse on the matter.


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