USA: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Chicago celebrates Maseeh-e-Moud Day – A Report

Messiah has come to promote peace.

-Imam Shamshad.

Report by: Nadeem Raza Chicago


Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Chicago West (North & South) celebrated Masih Moud Day on March 20th 2016. A good gathering of the people from the community attended this event.

The program comprised of recitation and English translation of few verses from the Holy Qura’an, Poem and English translation, speeches and concluding address of Imam Shamshad A. Nasir, the regional Imam and Missionary of Chicago region.


Speakers presented different aspects of the life of the Promised Messiah peace be on him. Young man Kasid Naeem who spoke first presented synopsis of the life of him. He also enlighten about revelations of the promised Messiah and relevance of his holy mission with the mission of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). In fact the Promised Messiah was on the foot prints of his beloved Master Muhammad (PBUH).


Next speech was of Mr. Farhan Latif who in detail mentioned about metaphorical second advent of the Jesus Christ, which in fact, fulfilled with the coming of the Promised Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. People from all religions are waiting for someone to come and guide the humanity to the path of righteousness. In fact Muslims of that age, were divided in many sects . The speaker referenced number of quotations and the hadith describing the great testimonies of the solar and lunar eclipse in truth of the Promissed Messiah, that the Messiah of this age has come.

Next was a speech by Ismail Annani. “The Promised Messiah has clearly established the objectives of his mission”. The speaker focused on the mission of him.

God desires to form a community of the faithful to manifest his glory and power. He will make the community grow and prosper, to establish the law of God, righteousness, piety and goodwill among men. The speaker also described the expectations of the Promised Messiah for his people to be the role model in the society.


Imam Shamshad in his concluding address mentioned that coming of the Promised Messiah had been prophesied by number of prophets and we are the blessed ones that we accepted the Messiah of this age. Now is the need to mold our lives according to the teachings of the Promised Messiah which is nothing else but the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), which are to establish peace with parents, children, husband and wife, family and relatives, friends, in the county and country. Imam emphasized on struggle and intention. Action is needed to follow all the teachings of Quran to practice . Success will definitely come to all Ahmadi Muslims and the world if the teachings of Islam fallowed properly by everyone.

Imam declared on the basis of the teachings of the Promised Messiah that Prayers and supplication are the key to all spiritual success.

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