Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan Praying for the safe release of Japanese Journalist Yasuda Jumpei

News courtesy: Anees Ahmad Nadeem, Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Japan

love for all

A video surfaced on 17 March, appearing to show a missing Japanese journalist, reportedly held by an al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, reading a message to his family and country. “Hello, I am Jumpei Yasuda. Today is my birthday, 16 March,” said the bearded man, who appears to be the Japanese freelance journalist of that name.


In response to the Japanese taken hostage byAlqaida affiliated Nusra Front, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan held an emergency meeting in Bait-ulAhd the Japan Mosque and appealed for the release of of Japanese hostage Yasuda Jumpei. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan issued an special appeal for prayers at today`s Friday Prayer.


Anees Ahmad Nadeem Nadeem said : Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan offers its deepest condolences & prayers for the affected family and Japanese friends.

He Said:
As Japanese Muslim, we earnestly pray that God Almighty protect all Japanese people from the harm and danger of these extremists and their ideology. The National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Japan, Anees Ahmad Nadeem stated “The fact that this videos from Nusra Front is being presented in the name of Islam is truly grievous and painful.” He went on to say “All true and peace loving Muslims are troubled to see the rise of such ideologies which have nothing to do with the religion of Islam”.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan is one of the oldest Muslim Community in Japan, It started its missionary activities in 1935 from Kobe and is known in Japan for its humanitarian activities after the earthquake that hit Japan in 2011.Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan`s national headquarters is situated in Bait-ulAhad the Japan Mosque, the largest mosque in Japan.

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