“Bottom Line – We Need to Help Refugees”, says Khalifa of Islam


Source: worldreligionnews.com


Khalifa of Islam, the Head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad visited and addressed the Dutch Parliament last month on a special invitation.

While he was in the Netherlands, His Holiness was also interviewed by the Dutch media. During one such interview, while answering various questions, His Holiness provided thorough guidance on the subject of mass migration from Syria.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Leader: Bottom Line – We Need to Help Refugees

His Holiness said: “Whoever is deprived and being denied of his right should be given opportunity to live a free life. Whether it’s European government who are ready to help them or any other government, at least they should be helped.”

When he was asked how to help the Syrian refugees, His Holiness said:

“The best way is to stop the brutalities happening there in their own countries… by extremists or by the governments even.”

His Holiness added: “If they have migrated and they are true immigrants (refugees), then they should be given some opportunity to settle down for time being and after that when the conditions come to normal there in their own country then they should be sent back. And we help there to reestablish themselves again.”

Referring to the obligations of neighboring countries in this regard, His Holiness said:

“The first duty and the foremost duty is of the neighboring countries, the Muslim world; Saudi Arabia is very rich country, Kuwait-rich country, Middle Eastern countries/Gulf countries, they should try to help settle those people.”

His Holiness also warned about the need of proper surveillance and vigilance when allowing refugees to enter any country. He said:

“If they are real refugees, yes we should help them. But it was also said it was on the news that the ISIS representative said that among every 50 genuine immigrants/refugees, one of them is ISIS member who is going to be used in the western world. So if you count the head after every 50, how many people you are getting… so, it’s an alarming situation.”

Suggesting a solution to the possible dangers from influx of such refugees, His Holiness said:

“One thing is that they should be contained in a separate area, they should be kept in a separate area, where you provide them food, shelter, whatever the necessities of life they need or require or you think they should be given, that should be given – but with proper vigilance and surveillance.”

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  1. Does anything prevent him from taking his message to Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries? He prefers to make his statement where he knows there is already a culture of tolerance and compassion.
    He should go where such a message is needed most.

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