Poll: 53% Israelis support extrajudicial killings


Source: AlJazeera

Some 53 percent of Israelis have expressed support for the extrajudicial killings of alleged Palestinian attackers on the spot, even after their arrest and when they “no longer pose a threat”, according to a new poll.

Published by the Israel Democracy Institute, the poll’s findings reflect hardening attitudes among Jewish Israelis at a time when unrest has spread throughout Israel, the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

The poll examined the attitudes of Israeli citizens – both Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel – as tensions and unrest soar amid growing violence.

The study was conducted over two days in late October and interviewed 600 adults.

It also found that 80 percent of Israeli interviewees believe that the family homes of alleged Palestinian attackers should be demolished.

On Sunday, a Palestinian allegedly attempted to run over a group of Israelis near an illegal Jewish settlement in northern West Bank, injuring four. He was shot dead by Israeli forces, according to an Israeli army spokesperson.

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