New Crop of Immigrants in Parliament Is Seen as Reflection of Canada

Source: The New York Times

OTTAWA — He was a teenage refugee, fleeing civil war in Somalia, when he came to Canada 22 years ago. Now, after completing high school and earning degrees in history and law, Ahmed Hussen is about to be sworn in as a member of Parliament — one of 46 nonwhite candidates elected to the House of Commons on Oct. 19, most of them immigrants.


“Even as recently as two years ago, if you asked, ‘Would you ever become an M.P. in Canada?’ I would say, ‘Impossible,’ ” said Mr. Hussen, 39, a Liberal who will represent a Toronto constituency. “It speaks well of Canadians that they’re willing to vote for a person based on his views and his platform, not where they come from.”

Many factors contributed to the sweeping victory last month by the Liberals, whose leader, Justin Trudeau, will take office as prime minister on Wednesday. But several analysts said that one of the most important factors was the immigration and refugee policies of the losing Conservative government.

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