“Understanding Shariah From The Religious And Rights Perspectives”

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The International Human Rights Committee and Projek Dialog will be holding a peace symposium and dinner at the Royale Bintang Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Bukit Bintang on

16 Sept. 2015  (Wednesday — Public Holiday – Malaysia Day ) 

The symposium entitled “Understanding Shariah from the Religious and Rights Perspectives” will discuss the role of Shariah in a modern nation state and its impact on society and politics. Central to this will be a discussion on what Shariah really is and how it should be interpreted.

The keynote address will be given by Sir Iftikhar Ahmad Ayaz, chair of  International Human Rights Committee in the United Kingdom (an NGO). The guest speakers will include Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz Bari, constitutional expert and law professor; Mr. Syahredzan Johan, human rights lawyer and constitutional expert; Dr. Ahmad Farouk Musa, academician, cardiothoracic surgeon and director of the Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF); Mr. Sardar Jagir Singh, president of the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST); Ms. Fadiah Nadwa Fikri,human rights lawyer and political activist; and Mr. Aston Paiva, human rights lawyer.


The objective of the peace symposium is to increase understanding of the concept of Shariah, which is considered the ideal Islamic moral code that is binding on all Muslims. But what really is Shariah and the Islamic     penal code of hudud? From the vast subject of Shariah, this symposium attempts to zero in on the imposition of Shariah in many Muslim countries. As it is generally understood by Muslims, if the majority of a country constitutes of Muslims, then the Muslims have a right – or rather, an obligation – to enact Shariah law. This is perhaps the first point that needs to be argued.

Secondly, if Shariah is imposed, will it be imposed on non-Muslims too? Thirdly, Shariah is interpreted differently by different sects of Islam, and also by different groups of Muslims. Which interpretation is to be adopted as the law of the land? On the contrary, can Shariah be practiced without it becoming a law?

Also, does Islam plead for an Islamic or secular government? And what is the position of non-Muslims in an Islamic state? Lastly, what is the punishment for apostasy and blasphemy in Islam? These are pertinent issues that would be discussed in this symposium, and if a better understanding of Shariah can be achieved here, perhaps it will go some ways toward building inter-religious harmony in the country.


The real foundation for peace is honesty which emanates from the heart. We are a peace-loving community with a passionate desire to establish peace and justice in light of the true Islamic teachings. We invite people of different faiths and walks of life to come together to enhance the human values within us. We aim to promote better understanding between faiths and communities in order to develop a more harmonious society.

This event has just one purpose, which is for us to come and sit     together in a friendly environment, to talk about that one goal and shared  objective that we hold. And this shared objective is to promote love, affection, brotherhood and peace.


The program is as follows:-

3.30 pm           Registration, refreshment, exhibition

4.15 pm           Arrival of VIPs

4.30 pm           Recitation of the Holy Quran

& Opening Remarks

4.45 pm           Guest Speakers

6.45 pm           Keynote Address

7.30 pm           Q & A

8.30 pm           Closing Session & Dinner

We invite people of different faiths and walks of life to come  together to enhance the human values within us. As such, you may share this invitation with your friends who may be interested. However, as seats are limited, please register your participation early via WhatsApp posting at 0132226759 or email your participation to peacesymposiumkl@gmail.com stating your name, position, organization and contact number.

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