The gurdwaras of Potohar: A missed opportunity for religious tourism

Dawn: In the aftermath of war or exodus, when one community leaves their religious or secular buildings behind them, there is always another community which occupies these buildings. The same occurred after the India-Pakistan Partition.

A majority of the buildings which once belonged to the Sikhs and Hindus were given to immigrants from India. These families still live in these buildings, but I was surprised to discover that the structures and the artwork on the walls were still intact.

While traveling to the Kallar Syedan Tehsil, I came across several Hindu and Sikh monuments; temples and gurdwaras gracing the landscape of this region. Three of the gurdwaras are located at Kanoha, Doberan Kalan and Mohara Bhatta, and are especially noted for their elegance and paintings. Of these, the Sikh gurdwara located 10 kilometres from Kallar Syedan at Kanoha is the most prominent.


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