Why Canadians Revert to Islam: Study

Amid the increasing number of Muslims within its borders, Public Safety Canada has awarded a $170K grant to Australian academic Scott Flower, tasked with discovering why Canadians are choosing Islam.

“Canada was a country that had not even one published journal article on converts between its borders. So, I thought, ‘Wow, what a great opportunity,'” Prof. Scott Flower of the University of Melbourne said in interview with CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning, CBC News reported on Saturday, July 25.

Looking into the reasons, Public Safety Canada is funding a project by an Australian academic to study why Canadians convert to Islam.

Being the first study of its kind in Canada, it follows in the footsteps of a number of other studies funded by Public Safety Canada through its Kanishka Project, which funds research into terrorism and counterterrorism.

In order to facilitate his study, Prof. Flower will spend a few months in Canada interviewing reverts to Islam, exploring the reasoning behind their decisions to become Muslim.


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Muslim Population of Canada in 2011

Province Muslim 2001 % 2001 Muslims 2011 % 2011
Flag of Ontario.svg Ontario 352,525 3.1% 581,950 4.6%
Flag of Quebec.svg Quebec 108,620 1.5% 243,430 3.1%
Flag of Alberta.svg Alberta 49,045 1.7% 113,445 3.2%
Flag of British Columbia.svg British Columbia 56,220 1.4% 79,310 1.8%
Flag of Manitoba.svg Manitoba 5,095 0.5% 12,405 1.0%
Flag of Saskatchewan.svg Saskatchewan 2,230 0.2% 10,040 1.0%
Flag of Nova Scotia.svg Nova Scotia 3,545 0.4% 8,505 0.9%
Flag of New Brunswick.svg New Brunswick 1,270 0.2% 2,640 0.3%
Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador.svg Newfoundland and Labrador 625 0.1% 1,200 0.2%
Flag of Prince Edward Island.svg Prince Edward Island 195 0.1% 660 0.5%
Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg Northwest Territories 175 0.5% 275 0.7%
Flag of Nunavut.svg Nunavut 25 0.1% 50 0.2%
Flag of Yukon.svg Yukon 55 0.1% 40 0.1%
Flag of Canada.svg Canada 579,640 2.0% 1,053,945 3.2%



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