The UK’s pedophilia scandal is even worse than anybody thought


By the Fig and the Olive,

And by Mount Sinai (where Moses was given ten commandments),

And by this Town of Security(Mecca),

Surely, We have created man in the best make;

Then, if he works iniquity, We reject him as the lowest of the low,

Except those who believe and do good works; so for them is an unending reward. (Al Quran 95:2-7)

UK Parliament

UK Parliament

Source: Global Post


LONDON, UK — In 1986, the head of Britain’s intelligence agency MI5 penned a letter to Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet secretary noting that a serving member of Parliament was sexually abusing children — or, as he put it, displaying a “penchant for small boys.”

His recommendation was not to have the man arrested, or even ousted from Britain’s government.

At the time, Sir Antony Duff believed the best course of action was to keep the issue quiet, and do nothing.

“The risks of political embarrassment to the government is rather greater than the security danger,” he wrote.

Duff’s letter is among a cache of recently discovered documents relating to an alleged cover-up of sexual abuse by powerful government officials.

Once written off as lost, the papers may supply a missing piece of evidence supporting allegations that British officials knew senior members of government were sexually abusing children — often in the very institutions that were supposed to be providing their care — and chose to cover it up.


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