The ISIS Mirage vs the Islamic Reality I am a woman, a westerner, and a convert to Islam.

But—as I’m often asked nowadays—to which version of Islam? This is an important question as news media floods our timelines with reports of Muslim women in the west joining the terrorist group known as ISIS. Indeed, ISIS has recruited thousands of Muslim men and women to allegedly fight for the “cause of Islam.” Last week in Bradford, UK, three British Muslim Women and their nine children fell victim to ISIS. In February, three teenage girls also left the comfort of their homes in Britain to join ISIS.

There are two elements at play here, both of which find their nexus in how Muslims are viewed, and how Muslim leaders are failing Muslims.

Of the two, I believe the bigger issue is failed Muslim leadership. As President of theAhmadiyya Muslim Women’s Auxiliary USA Chapter, I intimately appreciate the burdens of leadership. I am responsible for thousands of women and girls across the United States. I recognize the constant struggle of educating girls on Islamic morals while balancing a western identity. I have discovered that in fact, no material conflict exists between the two. And while this task may appear daunting, I do not stand alone in my efforts.


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