Ahmadiyyas advocate measures for world peace

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The world is passing through very turbulent times and so-called ‘religious’ fanatics are causing an upstir in the name of their faiths.

Nations, acting on the pretext of bringing about peace, are in fact further causing the fall into a spiral of unrest and agitation.

The root cause of the problem lies in the lack of equity and justice.

Equality important

Ahmadiyyas advocate panacea-Bait Ul MuqueetIn order to ensure world peace, it is necessary to look beyond manmade borders and understand that everyone is the creation of God and everyone has equal rights despite race, nationality, creed or faith.

The religion of Islam, which essentially means peace, teaches just that.

The well-known motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, ‘Love for All, Hatred towards None’ is especially highly resonant at a time when other groups are disturbing world peace through bigoted and fanatical beliefs.

Islamic values

Ahmadi Muslims, whilst holding fast to the core teachings of Islam, work tirelessly to serve their respective nations.

Blood drives, charity walks, fundraising, feeding the hungry, providing universal education, disaster relief schemes and improving the living standards of people in the developing world are all part and parcel of being a true Muslim.

Despite differences in race, background, and nationality all members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community spanning over 206 countries are united under one spiritual leader, the Khalifa of Islam, and under his guidance, in accordance with the teachings of Islam, strive to establish true peace in the world.