70% in France, the UK and Germany voice favorable views of the Muslims


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Source: Pew Research Center

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Roughly seven-in-ten or more adults in France (76%), the UK (72%) and Germany (69%) voice favorable views of Muslims. This sentiment is up 11 points in Germany since last year and 8 points in the UK. Just over half (52%) in Spain also hold positive views of Muslims.


About nine-in-ten French (92%) have a favorable view of Jews, similar to the 89% in 2014 and up from 72% in 1991. More than eight-in-ten British (86%) also voice a positive attitude toward Jews, largely unchanged in recent years. Eight-in-ten Germans (80%) hold a favorable opinion of Jews – little different from views in 2014, but a marked increase from 1991, when just 53% saw Jews in a positive light. The strongest anti-Semitic sentiment is in Poland, where 28% say they have an unfavorable opinion of Jews.

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  1. Let all Muslim organizations and individuals serve their neighbors to improve upon this. We need to get to know our neighbors by inviting them to our homes and mosques.