Senseless rise of religious fundamentalism

blosgs news com: In recent past, more people have been killed in the name of religion than for any other thing in the world. Religion has become a symbol of death, terror and agony. Subsequently, a recent Pew Research “Changing U.S. Religious Landscape” shows the decline of religious affiliation in the United States. The study finds that there are more adults who consider themselves ‘unaffiliated’ with any other form of religion than those who subscribe to a certain faith. This bludgeoning disaffection and disenchantment is partly the product of what we witness in the world around us – terror in the name of religion.

“Humanitarian crises fuelled by waves of terror, intimidation, and violence have engulfed an alarming number of countries over the past year”, maintains Commissioner Dr Katrina Lantos Swett of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).

In its 2015 annual report the USCIRF catalogues the horrors of religious led terror groups and their affiliates affecting millions of lives around the world. This axis of death and destruction of sheer human lives continues to haunt innocent children, women and men of all faiths around the world.

From Rohingya Muslims in Burma who have been ditched by the South Asian governments at the mercy of sea, to the most recent killing spree in Karachi, Pakistan on the Ismaili (Shia) sect of Islam, as well as the ravages of Boko Haram in Africa and the unspeakable horrors of IS in Syria and Iraq, these are few deadly snippets of what religion has been reduced to by human beings – horror.

Fundamentalist religious and sectarian ideologies are driving us back into the Stone Age where, as La Fontaine rightly puts it, “Unreasonable logic of the wolf, trumps the reasonable logic of the Lamb” rules sovereign.

Our world events are shaped by the “unreasonable logic of the wolf” both in religious and political context. This tug of war between the strong, hurts the poor. Our girls in Nigeria have come back to the homes now with most of them pregnant, our children in Peshawar in Pakistan went to school one day, never to return back, Christians, Shias, Coptic and Ahmadis are attacked in their religious places, which otherwise, should have been the most sacred and safest places in the world. This terror equate to the “reasonable logic of the lamb”.


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