USA: Obama urged to act as slaughter of Christians escalates

Groups signing the letter include: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, Advocates International, American Center for Law and Justice, American Ezidi Center, American Humanist Association, Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain, Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce, Committee on International Justice and Peace — U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, National Association of Evangelicals, Open Doors USA, United Methodist Church — General Board of Church and Society and the Universal Muslim Association of America.


Activists and elected officials are urging President Obama to stop slow-walking his response to the slaughter of Christians throughout the Middle East.

More than 50 organizations, scholars, religious leaders and human rights advocates, along with 43 members of Congress, called on Obama Monday to fill the vacant post of special envoy for religious minorities in the Middle East and South Central Asia, which has stood vacant since it was created.

The Islamic State this weekend circulated a video purporting to show the execution-style mass murders of Ethiopian Christians by Islamic terrorists in Libya. In February, the group killed 21 Coptic Christians on a beach in Libya and have been slaughtering Christians, Yezidis and other religious minorities systematically in Iraq since last summer.

“The breadth of support for the legislation underscores the urgency of the perils facing these communities,” the group of 50 religious leaders and human rights activists wrote in their letter to Obama. “In the seven months since the legislation became law, discrimination, repression and outright violence against religious minorities has only escalated.”

“We respectfully request that you swiftly fill the position,” they continued. “Doing so would signal to beleaguered communities in the Middle East, and beyond, that America stands by them.”

On Easter, Pope Francis expressed deep concern that the… read more at

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