A unique whale song is recorded in Antarctica, perhaps from a new species

Beaked whales aren't often sighted (credit: Tom Pusser/NPL)

Beaked whales aren’t often sighted (credit: Tom Pusser/NPL)

Source: BBC

A new species of whale may be cruising the icy cold waters of the Antarctic.

Scientists have recorded a unique whale song, which they can’t identify, in the area.

Evidence for the species is tantalising, rather than strong, as the song could be from one of a few known species of beaked whale.

But it has a structure that doesn’t quite fit any known beaked whales; leaving open the possibility it is from a new species.

Although beaked whales comprise the second-largest family of cetaceans (the group containing whales and dolphins), they are one of the most poorly known groups of all large mammals.

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