USA: The Ahmadiyya Seminar “Islam in CrISIS” covers myths about Islam


The Islam in CrISIS seminar took place Friday in Giffels Auditorium in Old Main with topics of discussion including the Quran, violence in the Middle East, myths about Islam because of the two and a Q and A session at the end.

Imam Naseem Mahdi, the National Vice President and Chief Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the US, was the speaker. The event was sponsored by the Al-Islam Student Association, said Naseer Naseem, the president of AISA.

Speakers recited verses from the Quran and from Qaseeda of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad first in Arabic and then in English. Following was a lecture by Mahdi.

“I must acknowledge that there is an acute ignorance about Islam,” Mahdi said. “When I say that, I don’t mean just non-Muslims but also Muslims.”

Young Muslims can read the Arabic Quran, but often they do not know what it means, Madhi said. Additionally, the Quran’s interpretation has been massively distorted, Madhi said.

People get a hold of the Quran, exploit it and create Islamophobia, he said.

“There is nothing in the Quran that says non-Muslims will go to hell,” Madhi said. “But in the name of war, people lie that the Quran says that non-Muslims will go to hell.”

People overseas that desecrate synagogues, churches and mosques have been brainwashed, Madhi said.

“That isn’t Allah. Allah gives permission to Muslims to protect synagogues, churches and mosques,” he said. “Anybody that destroys these places is breaking the golden rule of the Holy Quran.”

Relating back to America toward the end of his seminar, Madhi said “to commemorate the lives lost in 9/11 the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has planned numerous blood drives and has saved over 100,000 lives.”

After the lecture, Naseem invited people in the audience to ask their questions. Some questions challenged the speaker while other questions asked the speaker to clarify specific topics. After the Q and A session, a free Mediterranean dinner was provided.

“I think this event is important to students on campus because Muslims and non-Muslims need to find peace and harmony to live with each other,” Naseem said.

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