UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to Exhibit at London Book Fair for 4th Year Running

Islam International Publications, the Publishing Arm of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, to Exhibit at London Book Fair for the Fourth Year Running


LONDON, April 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Look us up at Stand 5D 160 at the London Book Fair, 14-16 April, London Olympia

Islam International Publications

Islam International Publications (IIP) has been publishing books on Islam for more than a hundred years – best-quality and credible content right across the religious spectrum, from enduring theological thought-provoking debate to cutting-edge contemporary issues which includes Islamic and other religious viewpoints. The books cover a variety of subjects ranging from global warming to mercy killing, and terrorism to the global economic crisis.

Official website of Islam International Publications:

Its book Murder in the Name of Allah for example explores the subject of religious extremism and examines the root of key arguments used by Jihadi groups to wage war in the name of Islam.

The Book “Islam’s Response to Contemporary Issues” analyses a range of modern challenges to consider how they can be resolved within the context of Islam. The books shed light on many a complex issue giving it a clarity that may have eluded others before them.

Shockwaves of indignation ran across the Muslim world following the publication of offensive and crude caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in some parts of Europe. The un-informed gave in to public displays of rage and rampant chaos ensued. Midst this confusion spoke the voice of reason that unfolded the reality of the Islamic ways and means to respond to injustice as encapsulated by Mirza Masroor Aḥmad, the present Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, in the book “Blessed Model of the Holy Prophet & the Caricatures“.

The pride of place of its publications goes to its work on the Holy Qur’an.

IIP publishes the Holy Qur’an in its original Arabic- but for those unfamiliar with the Arabic language, it also prints translations of the Holy Qur’an into 74 different languages, including Braille.

For further details, please contact:
Fahim Anwer – Marketing Manager
Phone: +44(0)7956482032
Twitter: @Islam_Int_Pub

SOURCE Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK

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