A Muslim’s letter to terrorists/jihadists

Source:CNN I Report via Bushra Mahmood

Je ne suis pas Charlie. I am Muslim, and I am hurt. Dear terrorists, jihadists, extremists,

Assalamo Alaikum (Peace be upon you)

I greet you with the traditional Islamic greeting because the Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him) taught that I should address even my enemies with peace. Yes, we are enemies.

You and I both claim to be Muslim, and yet we are astonishingly divergent in our views.

I struggle on a daily basis to fulfill my obligations as a Muslim. To offer my prayers on time, to serve my local community, and to spread the message of Islam. But you make my life and my job so much more difficult with your reckless acts of violence. I am constantly having to defend my faith and my Prophet. I do not understand why you claim your violent acts in the name of Islam.


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  1. It is a good letter but it must be remembered that the Jihadists or terrorists are not Muslims. Please do not count them as Muslim because it makes matters difficult to understand. The Terrorists may be believers (Momineen) who had accepted the teachings of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. But by their violence they have negated their attachment with Islam.
    A Muslim cannot be a fanatic and a fanatic cannot be considered as a Muslim. A (true) Muslim is a peaceful person.
    Not understanding the Arabic word Kafir is creating lot of problems. Kafir is an enemy of all faiths, even though he may be claiming to be a believer in Muhammad s.a.w.s.
    Please shunt out all fanatic persons out of the pail of Islam. They are not Muslims, simple as that.

  2. JazakAllah Zubair Khan sahib for your kind words and for posting my letter here. Yes, I am Ahmadi Muslim, and I have provided the link to the edited version of my letter. Edited only because the picture has been changed as CNN asked me to post a picture that belonged to me personally, for copyright reasons of course. My first post showed a picture that I had taken from Google images! And also, I decided to sign off with my real name, Sadaf, rather than my nickname (Mona). Why fear? Allah will protect insha’Allah.


  3. بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
    @ Ghulam Sarwar Sahib
    السلام علیکم و رہمۃ اللہ و برکاۃ
    Mr. Ghulam Sarwar is prolific writer and I have due respect for him, and I appreciate his feelings and passions, but his perception of Islamic terminology needs to be fixed, his perception for Islamic Terminology is just paradoxical that of Islam as per Holy Quran.
    کفر اور ایمان (kufar and Ieman) are two relative terms, a Kafir ( کافر ) of Satan is (مئو من ) momin Believer in Allah and Momin (مئو من) of Satan is Kafir or disbeliever in Allah. Kufer literally mean denial or dis belief or ungrateful and the denial of just one ultimate Truth from Allah make someone kafir, further more a Muslim can be a partial kafir at the same time while he is a Muslim for example as per Hadith who did not offer Salat or Namaz he become kafir. You can not kill even to a kafir as long as he is not danger for the lives of others or he revolt against an established government or The State.
    Any person reciting Kalmah Tayab (کلمئہ طیب) and proclaim himself to be a Muslim, is a Muslim, however you may say he is not a true Muslim or he is a bad Muslim, because the Holy Quran Permits him to say him or them اسلمنا While the Holy Quran says to them ولما یدخللایمان فی قلوبکئم While Ieman has yet not enter in your hearts, so ایمان یا مئومن (Ieman or Momin) is the much higher rank than just a Muslim on this pretext Ahmadies Proclaim that the State has not any Right to Name us Non-Muslims, so the Terrorist is a terrorist whether he is Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christen or Jew. In fact the Terrorist has not any prescribed Religion. Actually the Terrorist are doing against to the teachings of Islam, which is very peaceful, so terrorism is the act of the bad Muslims and it has nothing to do with Islam.
    Zarif Ahmad

  4. بسم ا للہ الرحمن الرحیم
    پیاری مونا
    السلام علیکم و رحمۃ ا للہ و بر کاتہ
    Dear Mona you are more shining than Sadaf in writing this open letter to Terrorist, I have gone through your whole of the Article and find it excellent, ا للہ کرے زور ے قلم اور زیادہ۔ آمین۔ You are very gracious to Address Terrorist with Dear and with your salutation for them, for which they do not deserve at all because of their deeds, you are right, after all we need a way to Address them to begin with, which they may not deserve it. At the most Salutation appropriate to use for them was سلام مسنون Would that this open letter should reach them, the seal on their heart may open, may covering over their eyes removed, may they read and ponder over it. You have done your job now it is up to them to take heed and it is up to Allah To guide them to the right path, they may be sincere in what they are doing but they are misguided people, I appreciate you Stand for the Humanity and you stand for the Grace of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and you stand for the Grace of your Religion that is Islam, In this regard you are really lovely.
    ظریف احمد
    Zarif Ahmad

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