London Imam Anjem Choudary Makes a Fool of Himself on US Television the latest video at

“You’re saying you do not believe in freedom of speech, you don’t believe in freedom of expression, you believe in Islamic fascism, that people must abide by your laws,” Hannity said.

“Actually, as a Muslim, we believe that sovereignty and supremacy belongs to God and therefore we believe in submitting to the commands of God,” Choudary said.

Hannity asked him, “So you’re saying anything offensive about the prophet Muhammad should be illegal and it should be worldwide?”

Choudary told Hannity that in Islam, that carries capital punishment.

Hannity pressed, “But every country should adopt that, and it’s convert or die? It’s either you agree with us or we will go into your newspaper and we will slaughter you, we will put a fatwa out on you?”

Choudary reiterated that he wants Sharia Law everywhere. He said that all women should “of course” cover up in public, and that both adultery and “sodomy” should be punished by death.

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  1. Very interesting interview. It shows that present day non-Ahmadi leaders do not understand abc of religion. They do not know that the holy prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. was denied the freedom to speak. People of Makkah did not allow him to speak, i.e. to say what he liked.
    What was the result? There was persecution and wars until the enemies of freedom were defeated.
    It is necessary for all well behaved Muslims to keep clear of the ignorant non-Ahmadi maulvis. Do not believe what they say. They are all ignorant and a shame for Islam.
    Their bad beliefs are listed below:-) only bad beliefs.
    1. Kill any one who leaves Islam.
    2. Kill the idolator.
    3. Fight and kill all those who do not recite the Kalimah.
    4. Fight to enforce the religion of Islam in the world.
    5. Enforce the law of Shariah in the whole world.
    6. Become politically active and forget the spiritual side.
    7. Oppress the non-Muslim people.
    The western media people should consult the Ahmadi leaders before any interview of non-Ahmadi leader.

  2. I think in this global village there is nothing hidden. I am sure media persons know very well about the ahmaddiya stance on these issues. They also know how they can damage the teaching of Islam. By contacting these Mullahs they can easily generate hate against this beautiful religion, in which there is not even a single space for uttering few words when you are in anger, how can you kill people. Islam says, true believers are those who suppress their anger, who speaks politely and when someone abuse them they say salam ( May peace be with you) .

  3. This would have been a perfect opportunity for a point/counter-point exchange between an Amadi spokesman and Choudary to bring to light the items that Ghulam Sarwar posted above.

    That type of exchange is exactly what Americans need to see! It is not enough for a non-believer to challenge an extremist Muslim. No, not nearly. What is needed is just what I have written. An extremist confronted by a ‘true-believer’ over the error of the extremist’s ways, broadcast to millions.

    Many, many Americans (I am not one of them) bemoan the lack of condemnation of Muslim extremist actions by Muslim ‘moderate’ leaders. I know better. I read it here every day. Even the KSA condemned the Paris atrocities, though few Americans know that.

    What is needed now is action – visual confrontation – unrelentingly by the ‘true-believers’ towards those that pervert the faith.

    The West cannot defeat the extremists alone. We need the active help from those that are not extremists. Yes, we need your help…

  4. I feel sorry 4 him,although,he wz nt in his right sense.N he is not that “imam” of islam..d holy prophet (saw) never commanded any muslim to kill any non muslim in his life fact,he wz a neighbour to non muslim..after last jihar,wen makkah bcame d land of d muslim,d prophet (saw) dint prosecute any non muslim that wz P.O.W..n d holly Qura’an says “no compulsion in islam”..n if ur a non muslim u can practice ur religion..

  5. The Promised Messiah as says
    Now leave the ideology of physical fight for the religion.O friend.

    It is unlawful to physical fight, and mass murder for the the religion.

    Now the Messiah has come,who is the leader of religion.

    Now it is the time to end all the physical wars.

    Syed Mustafa of the worlds has stated

    Messiah of the Jesus will void the wars.

    Durray Sameen( pearls of wisdom)

  6. Muslim religious bigots have high jacked Islam. They are punishing the true peaceful Muslims as well as non-Muslims. Christians have passed away from that stage of religious violence. The Jews have learnt many good lessons of good behavior and good deeds. West will have to help the good Muslims to defeat the fanatic Muslims. It will be necessary to fight the bigots on all fields, intellectual as well as moral fronts.
    In my previous post I had listed just a few of the bad beliefs of the Muslim religious leaders. There are many more bad beliefs.
    I believe that it will be enough to keep preaching the right doctrine peacefully with patience and prayers. That will do the job against the enemies of the whole world.
    The first lesson to preach is that Islam is not political. It is completely spiritual faith. There is no permission to take up any weapon in Islam.
    The demand of the Muslims to enforce Shariyat law is a another false activity. Every one can try to act according to the law of Shariyat and pray to God as much as he likes and do good deeds. There is no need to make a law for it or to impose it on others.
    Politics and power is against Islam. King of Babylon (old time Iraq) tried to persecute and punish Abraham, so Abraham had to migrate to Syria. Moses was persecuted by the king Pharaoh of Egypt. Jesus a.s. was caught by the aid of Roman soldiers. Politics is not in the program of any faith. Let the kings and presidents rule. People should serve and follow the law.
    Presently, Governments never interferes in the matters of any faith (religion). The religious people should not disturb the peace and act against the law. There is no room for any mutiny in Islam. It is totally forbidden in Quran.
    The leader of the Ahmadiyah Jama’at had preached that all Muslims should serve the governments honestly and faithfully and he forbade any kind of boycott.
    The promised Messiah a.s. wrote poetical lines:
    Nah bayad behr e maa Kursi kih maamooraim khidmat raa. (Persian)
    Trans: There is no need of any chair for me because I am commanded to serve.

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