Sydney siege, media pervert image of Islam

Source/Credit: Austin Statesman

By Huma Munir

This past weekend, the world held its breath as a man who took control of a cafe in Sydney held more than a dozen people hostage for 16 hours.

The incident is deeply concerning not only because innocent lives were put at risk but also because the Islamic affirmation of faith was clearly visible from the window of the Lindt cafe in Martin Place. While Muslims around the world spoke against this atrocity and prayed for victims, they also saw their faith being defamed by a lunatic on live television.

As the situation unfolded, I felt a familiar feeling of guilt creeping into my heart.

I moved to the United States 13 years ago — three weeks after 9/11. Like many Muslims in America and western nations, I have become strangely accustomed to this feeling every time the Islamic State or another terrorist organization rises to power and takes innocent lives in the name of Islam.

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