Ahmadiyya Muslims back Australian drive against jihadist radicalisation

The Australian News: by Rowan Callick —

Mirza Ramzan Sharif is the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association’s external affairs secretary.

AUSTRALIA’S Islamic community “must ask with one voice if it is doing enough to stop those elements of the community who radicalise” young Muslims, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association urged yesterday.

“We stand united with the ­people of Australia — that is, Team Australia — in unequivocally condemning the gruesome killing of hostages and (Australian) terrorist activities, and we hope that those responsible are caught and face the full force of the law,’’ the ­association said.

Mirza Ramzan Sharif, the ­association’s Sydney-based external affairs secretary, said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the many victims of these terrorists. May God provide solace and strength to the bereaved.”

The Muslim group, founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in India in 1889, and sometimes attacked as heretical, has about 5000 followers in Australia, with mosques in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and others under planning.

Mr Sharif said the aim of the Ahmadiyya association, “and I suppose the Islamic community at large, is to speak against terror attacks and sincerely help the authorities with any investigations”.

He backed the process through which terror suspects are arrested: “Anyone who understands Australian law knows very well that those arrested will be put through the judicial process and will face consequences if proven guilty of any criminal acts.”

Mr Sharif, a high school teacher, said: “Tears fall from my eyes in seeing a beheading in the name of Allah.

“How can one find heaven by murdering in the name of Allah?”

Ahmadiyya Muslims, he said, “believe that police and security forces uphold law and order for our safety. Any actions for the safety of the citizens of this country are always welcome.”

He said the Ahmadiyya community “thanks the Australian media for being quite clear that this extremism is not linked with Islamic doctrines’’.

“While the news media have covered extremism and the brutality of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham), they have also been quick in displaying the views of the Islamic community.”

He urged the wider Islamic community to denounce the ­Islamic State “because they know very well that ISIS is responsible for brutal, reprehensible killings of Muslims in Syria and Iraq’’.

The Islamic State’s claim to legitimacy, he said, “is a political ideology that has no reference or link to true Islamic traditions and teachings. It is based on a commitment to obtain dictatorial power, hate and exclusion’’.

“Our motto is love for all and hatred for none. We don’t believe in a political caliphate that gains territories. And we don’t bypass the Koranic verse which says that there should not be compulsion in religion.”

He said that no terror suspect had come from the Ahmadiyya sect in Australia or internationally.

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