US monitoring mass conversions in India

Source: Dawn

WASHINGTON: The United States said on Friday that it was closely monitoring reports of forced mass conversions in India.

“We are aware of recent reports regarding alleged coercion in mass conversions in India, and are monitoring the situation closely,” said a statement issued by the US Department of State.


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  1. @Zubair Khan; Yes, work needs to done in that regard and is being done. Thank you for keeping it in focus… However, since you failed to comment on the reports of forced conversions in India, it would appear that issue is not worthy of comment by you. Which would lead me to believe that you are either for it or simply don’t care. Me, I think it’s a crime against humanity. What do you say it is?

    • Rubert forced conversions are against humanity and against Islam which unequivocally stands on freedom of choice. Such behavior is condemnable irrespective of which religion or non religion it comes from. Please see Dr. Zia’s excellent article on UDHR as the constitution of the world. In fact Sir Zafarullah khan’s book on Islam and Human Rights clearly proves that some of the Islamic provisions even go beyond UDHR. You can download this from

    The word ‘TO’ should be inserted between ‘is’ and ‘talk’ in the first line of the last paragraph of my penultimate comment, please.
    It will now read, “IF OBAMA IS TO TALK MEANINGFULLY–“.

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