Ahmadi Muslims: Working to stop the crisis

Source: meridianbooster.com | James Wood | Multimedia Journalist

Imam Tariq Azeem of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community speaks at a press conference held for Stop the Crisis in the lecture hall of Lakeland College.

Imam Tariq Azeem of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community speaks at a press conference held for Stop the Crisis in the lecture hall of Lakeland College.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Canada are looking to shine a light on radicalization, and how it affects individuals in the country. The workshop is entitled “Stop the Crisis” and takes place on December 4 at 6 p.m. in the Lakeland College Lecture Hall.

“Because social media is so open, you don’t know who is getting influenced,” said Imam Tariq Azeem.

“It is usually those people that are lacking something inside them naturally or unnaturally, however it happens, they get inclined to (radicalize). It is their lack of knowledge. They don’t understand certain things about religion, and that is why they get associated with them. We have seen it happen in the past, and we wanted to take a measure. That is why this campaign has been launched, so that these youth can educated right from the get-go. That is why this event is being organized.”

An invitation to the event is extended to the whole city, and anyone interested will have a chance to ask questions and be heard in the public forum. Azeem hopes that young members of the community in particular will come out to the lecture.

“Everybody is welcome,” said Azeem.

“They can possibly influence the people around them and educate them as well. This event will highlight the problem again. It is being held throughout the country, and it is usually held in colleges and schools just like here at Lakeland College. The intention is to attract the youth and convey the message to them, so that those who are not even attending can all benefit from it.”

Seating will be limited, and attendee’s are encouraged to arrive on time in order to make sure they have their spot. The event will begin with a keynote address by Azeem, a short video presentation, and then finish up with a public discussion with scholars from the Ahmadiyya community. Azeem was also keen to point out that the faith of attendee’s does not matter.

“We’re sending invitations to all the Muslim groups as well, they’re also invited, because the point is that we educate every single person. Nobody should be left out. “

More information can be found at StoptheCrisis.ca.



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