UK: Mohammad and Sophia most popular baby names of 2014

Source: The Telegraph

Arabic names and 1970s names on the rise while the royals prove out of favour’

Mohammad and Sophia prove most popular baby names of 2014 Photo: Alamy

Mohammad and Sophia prove most popular baby names of 2014 Photo: Alamy


The name Mohammed has become the most popular boys’ name in the UK, jumping 27 places to knock Oliver off the top spot.For girls, Sophia proved the most popular name of the year, according to website Babycentre. Its list of the top 100 baby names for 2014 reveals an “enormous” surge in Arabic names.

Maryam is the biggest riser for girls, jumping 59 places to number 35, Nur is a new entry at number 29, while Omar, Ali, and Ibrahim are all new to the boys’ top 100. Sarah Redshaw, managing editor of BabyCentre, said: “Traditionally, Muhammad is often the name given to the first-born boy in Muslim families.


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  1. For the Muslim Times’ extensive collection under the category, ‘Muhammad,’ please click here.

    May be the British royal family should name one of their children Muhammad, this way they can keep the bragging rights that the people are naming their children after them.

  2. This is an inaccurate news story. The data is not based on any official national statistics but rather by people using the baby name websites. Yesterday there was an excellent article in the Guardian explaining this.

    It is an attempt to alarm and strike fear in England.

  3. Unfortunately “most popular” makes people think that “most babies” (more than 50%) were named Muhammad!

    Suppose 10 candidates stand in an election, and 9 of them receive 9.9% each of the vote (making a total of 89.1%). The tenth candidate receives the remainder which is 10.9% of the vote, and is the most popular candidate!

    If one name is extremely common in a small minority of the population, it may show up as highly popular in the entire population because the rest of the population chooses from a large selection of names, with none being as dominant as Muhammad is among Muslims.

    Ask yourself why is there no Muslim boys’ name after Muhammad further down the list in the top ten, and why isn’t there a Muslim girls’ name in the top ten?

  4. All the National papers in UK and media have reported this story, some even had it as a headline news(Metro London). If a news story does not come from official national statistics it does Not mean it is inaccurate. The majority of surveys are conducted using various sources of information, and website hits is now regarded as one of the most authentic way of data collection.

  5. This is exactly mine and Muslim Reasons point – a website with the most recorded hits does not make it the most popular. One of the first lessons I was taught in Statistics class at Uni was anything can be proven with any statistics.

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