Disunity and distress

The Daily Star
Ten years after the death of Yasser Arafat, and the situation for Palestinians is at its direst in years, and any hope of unity between different factions appears a mirage.

And on top of all the socioeconomic, judicial and human rights problems the Palestinians must always face, they are now forced to do so in the context of a rapidly changing Middle East, where borders and demographics seem to be shifting by the day. Neighboring countries who once had time for the Palestinian cause are too wrapped up in their own concerns.

When Hamas and Fatah announced a unity government in April, Palestinians and their supporters were, in general, pleased with the development. Israel was unimpressed – so unimpressed it lurched toward the recent war on Gaza. This shows us that Palestinian unity is what Israel fears the most.

Sadly it seems Hamas only agreed upon reconciliation when it could hold out on its own no longer, when its finances were drying up, and its borders closed, and that it was not really motivated by any prospect of lasting peace.

A commemoration ceremony for Arafat was canceled in Gaza, the authorities there claiming they could not guarantee security at the event and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hit back this week with harsh words.

And every day Israeli “security” authorities kill, wound and arrest more Palestinians, while the rest of the world simply issues meaningless condemnations, as it does when the Israeli government announces more settler homes.

It is up to all Palestinians now to say that these warring factional leaders are not what they want or deserve, and to reclaim a future that is theirs.

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Jordan's King Abdullah (R) meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the Royal Palace in Amman November 12, 2014. REUTERS/Majed Jaber

Jordan’s King Abdullah (R) meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the Royal Palace in Amman November 12, 2014. REUTERS/Majed Jaber

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  1. Israel did a really good job (for themselves that is) in creating Hamas to divide the Palestinians. But, as Tariq Ramadan, the Egyptian/Swiss Islamic Scholar said “They divide us because we are divideable’ …

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