Lawmakers target ISIS propaganda on Russian social networks

Russia Today: Russian MPs are asking prosecutors to block Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) films on Russian websites and social networks to prevent the spread of radical Islamist ideas, along with citizens’ involvement in terrorist activities.

Roman Khudyakov of the Liberal Democratic Party has sent an official letter to the Prosecutor General’s Office asking the law enforcers to take measures against the ‘Clanging of Swords’ and ‘Flames of War’ propaganda films distributed by the IS. Khudyakov suggested that these films be recognized as extremist and access to them on Russian territory be blocked. The MP noted in his letter that the materials pose a real threat to the Russian state and community as they promote radical Islamist ideas and lead to Russian citizens’ involvement in illegal militant groups.

The propaganda movies mentioned by the lawmaker first appeared on the internet in September, but are already widespread on the Russian segment of the internet and some copies even have Russian subtitles.

The group that call itself the Islamic State has already captured one third of the combined territory of Syria and Iraq. Using Islamist rhetoric they are killing all who disagree with them, they massacre Christians and Kurds,” Khudyakov said in an interview with popular Russian daily Izvestia.


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