Boko Haram continues its ascent as the world looks away

The Guardian:

For a while it took centre stage in the world’s gaze but five months on the kidnapping of schoolgirls by Islamist militants Boko Haram is not even top story in Nigeria.

The outbreak of Ebola there and in other western African countries has seen the missing girls drop down the global agenda, even as Boko Haram continues its ascent.

Where TV cameras go, political impetus often tends to follow along with cries of “something must be done!” There is a risk that efforts in northern Nigeria will lose momentum as world leaders fight fires including Gaza, Ukraine and Iraq and Syria.

A jarring reminder of the mass kidnapping came this week when electoral billboards appeared in the capital, Abuja, with the phrase, “#BringBackJonathan2015”, in what many saw as a cynical play on the viral #BringBackOurGirls hashtag.



Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan at the Africa Union Peace and Security Council Summit on Terrorism last week.

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