More Muslim women in U.K. wearing veil

Source: Daily Star

………………. despite a common view that young Muslim women are forced to wear veils by men or their families, studies and interviews point to the opposite in Muslim minority countries where it is often the case that the women themselves choose to cover up.

“I’m going to stand out whatever I do, so I might as well wear the headscarf,” said Farooq, a shop assistant who also volunteers at an Islamic youth center in Leyton, east London.
While just under 5 percent of Britain’s 63 million population are Muslim, there are no official numbers on how many women wear a hijab, or the full-face veil, the niqab, which covers all the face except the eyes. The niqab is usually worn with a head-to-toe robe or abaya.


But anecdotally it seems in recent years that more young women are choosing to wear a headscarf to assert a Muslim identity they feel is under attack and to publicly display their beliefs.



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  1. Wonderful facts. My 11 year-old daughter is now wearing a scarf and I never told her to wear it. She says I wear a white skull cap everyday and therefore she will copy my example. The scarf is now her ” friend”

  2. Schools in Britain have witnessed a 40 percent rise in sex-crime reports over the past three years, recent figures show.

    According to data released by police under the Freedom of Information Act, at least 2,865 sex-crime reports were recorded between 2011 and 2013.

    Over the past three years, more than 320 alleged rapes were reported in UK schools with at least half of the rapes reportedly committed by other students.

    The figures show that last year alone, at least 1,052 alleged sex offenses were reported in schools, with 134 being reported as rape.

    “Schools must make sure they have adequate safeguarding procedures in place and that parents and teachers are able to recognize warning signs early so they can take swift action when required,” said Claire Lilley, with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).

    The Labour Party called on the British government to take “urgent” action.

    “These figures are very disturbing. Schools should be a place of safety for children and young people. The Government needs to take action given the evidence of growing sexual violence amongst young people,” said shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper.

    Even though the Department of Education has resisted calls to introduce mandatory reporting of abuse allegations, teachers are currently being urged to report allegations to child-protection experts.

    Because of:
    -Free mixing in schools(single sex school is the safest)
    -Easy to see: Porn online
    -Immoral sex education in schools(to implement/practice)
    -Sexual media
    – Girl/woman is a sex object
    -Sexy attractive girls in schools(lack of modesty)
    -Lack of divine moral code
    -Some were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  3. Mr. Ahmad has presented some numbers from UK and attempted to establish a connection between rape and some of the social ills that are present in this society. I can only assume that in his view veiling will prevent rape.
    If there were no women, no one will be raping them. If women are less visible, and have less presence in the street or the work place, there will be less rape. It is just like saying that if no one had money, there will be no robberies. So no one should have money. There has to be a middle ground where women can go about their daily work and live a normal life without the fear of getting raped.
    If veil had such a protective effect we would see at least some of it in the so called Muslim countries. The fact is that rape, as indeed all other crimes are rampant in those countries including Saudi Arabia.
    Veil as understood by the fundamentalist Muslims does not exist in the Quran. The Quran stresses modesty in behavior and clothing both for men and women, never denying the social context. The only difference is additional head cover for the women. Covering of face is not prescribed by the Quran.
    Modesty of clothing and behavior is always in the context of the social norms. So in Pakistan, shalwar and Qameez is normal and modest, but in the UK pants and shirt are normal and modest.
    Muslims are being asked by their religious leaders to carry the cultural burden of medieval Islam. It is just like asking some one to travel on camel as this was the practice of the Prophet and reject cars and airplanes.

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