New York Times Discusses the Caliphate of ISIS

Separation of Mosque and State

Separation of Mosque and State

The title of the news has been changed by the Muslim Times, to make it more readable for our readers.

Source: NY Times:

AMMAN, Jordan — As Syria’s civil war raged, a Kuwaiti Islamist, Ghanim al-Mteiri, funneled cash from wealthy donors in the Persian Gulf to Syria’s affiliate of Al Qaeda in hopes that it would overthrow the government and lay the foundations of an Islamic state.

So Mr. Mteiri watched in dismay as another, even more violent jihadist organization, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, seized a chunk of Syria, stormed into Iraq and not only declared itself an Islamic state, but also demanded that all Muslims swear allegiance to its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

For the first time since its emergence more than two decades ago, the Qaeda of Osama bin Laden finds itself facing a rival jihadist organization with the resources and influence to threaten its status as the flagship movement of violent extremism. For the moment, Al Qaeda has lost ground, but the question remains: Will this new group, which now calls itself simply the Islamic State, endure?

Those still allied with Al Qaeda think the new group will fall victim to the same tactics that somehow have simultaneously made it an enemy of the West and of Ayman al-Zawahri, the leader of Al Qaeda.

“We all dream of an Islamic state, but we want a political Islam that is able to stand up and not be erased from the map,” Mr. Mteiri said. “The great powers will never accept this, and they are bigger and stronger than ISIS.”

Although many dismissed as propaganda ISIS’ announcement on Sunday that it had established a caliphate — or global Islamic state — the group’s out-of-nowhere rise in just over one year has created a clash over ideology and tactics between partisans of the world’s two leading jihadist organizations. It also has created a generational split as ISIS has electrified a new group of radical jihadists with its emphasis on sectarian warfare and founding an Islamic state.

On Monday, ISIS members paraded through Raqqa in Syria, demonstrating the kind of success that has won it a growing following and outsize mystique: It showed off what appeared to be a Scud missile and other heavy weapons apparently looted from Iraqi military bases.

“It is clear that the first and second generation that started Al Qaeda, most of them are supporting Zawahri, but the new generation is more radical and closer to ISIS,” said Hassan Abu Hanieh, a Jordanian expert on Islamist movements.

While Al Qaeda remains committed to using terrorist tactics against the West and Arab governments, it has criticized ISIS for killing civilians and for waging war on other Muslims. This rivalry has disrupted the jihadist landscape across the Middle East and spurred new debates about how to fight jihad and what, exactly, an Islamic state is supposed to look like.

“People don’t have to like it, but they have to respond to it,” said Shadi Hamid, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, of the group’s declaration of an Islamic state. “Now that there is an actual caliphate with a caliph, a lot of Muslims are going to have to talk about what that means, and there is going to be some sympathy.”

The successes of ISIS owe much to the failures of other Islamist movements and the group’s ability to take advantage of local circumstances, including Sunni anger in Iraq at the Shiite-controlled government, experts say.

The Egyptian military’s ouster one year ago of the country’s elected Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi, dealt a harsh blow to the Muslim Brotherhood’s philosophy of gradual change through electoral politics and societal reform.


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14 replies

  1. To me it looks begining for the recognition of Ahmadiyya Khilafat. Establishment of ISIS caliphate with violence and terrorist activities has no place on this planet. Its a temporary turmoil which will die its own death with in short span of time. Ahmadiyya Khilafat based on Nabuwwat is everlasting and will soon be accepted by majority as real and actual representative of Islam. Inshallah

  2. Very true Zubair Sb. Infact in an article on the ISIS Crisis there is a mention about the system of Khilafat in Islam Ahmadiyya in the Times of India Daily all over India today !!

    Things are starting to roll as per Prophecies !!

  3. People are going to notice the difference in the two types of Khilafat – one gory, bloody and highly violent and ours the peaceful and more intellectual of the two.

    Then, the average person will make the right choice…., Insha’Allah.

  4. When the Saudi Pretender sought to lay claim to Khilafat the first move he made was to use money to eliminate his only competitor.

    The ISIS Pretender does not care for or use money to achieve his ends. i suggest that all Ahmadies world wide increase their security measures!

    • Remember when the late King Faisal was exploring the possibilities of declaring himself as Khalifa? What happened to him? (Apparently Allah had other plans!). Let’s see Allah’s plan for this so-called Khalifa of the so-called Islamic state…

  5. ISIS and Caliphate seems like a bad joke to me.

    Once again the world affairs are showing us the utmost need of Separation of Mosque-Church and State in every country of the world.

  6. For God sake do not compare Khilafat e Ahmadiyya with ISIS and start a discussion. Please do not put poison and Aabe hayaat in same bottle.Please, please don’t even go there. Promised Messiah says in one of his poems: “Mujh ko Tajo(n) say kiya mera Tajj hai Rizwaan e Yar”. I have nothing to do with Kingly Crowns for my Crown is purely the love of Allah”.

  7. In a poem in Persian, The Promised Messiah wrote:
    “Nah Bayad behr e maa kursi, kih maamooraim khidmat raa.”
    Trans: There is no need of any chair for me because we are commanded to serve the people.
    It is clear that the mission of all prophets, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, it was a peaceful, non-political mission. They did not want to become a king or president. They wanted to spread love, peace and justice amongst the people.
    The kings and governments of their time accused and involved the prophets into politics.
    At a time, the polytheists of Makkah offered kingship to prophet Muhammad. They said, “We are ready to accept you as our king..” He replied that he did not want to become a king.
    As I have written above, the promised Messiah a.s. also points to non-politics and accepts his mission as serving the people.
    Last but not the least, Jesus a.s. also said “My kingdom is not of this world…” [Please see holy Bible NT.]
    It is an old lesson of history that politics should not be mixed with religion or religion with politics. Many prophets suffered very much due to bad monarchs who were using religion for their rule over people. Example is that of the King Firoun of Babylon who tried to persecute Hazrat Abaraham a.s. Another example is the King Pharaoh of Egypt who persecuted the Jews and Moses a.s..
    Even Jesus a.s. was caught by using the power of Roman empire.
    The mosque, church and synagogue and temples should be kept separate well clear of any state institutions.

  8. What ever outcome the so called big powers achieve in the region, the fact will remain that Caliphat of ISIS or ISIL has nothing to do with real and actual teachings of Islam. Gone are the days when Islam used to inflence the world politically. According to the prophecies of Prophet Muhammad (saw) only spiritual Khilafat has to be established which will have no political designs and will have nothing to do with violence or terrorism. This spiritual Khilafat already exists in Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and its spiritual leader very amicably explained it follwoing words.

    ”The actions and statements of ISIS and other extremists who pretend
    to represent Islam, whilst all the while spreading hatred and violence,
    run entirely contrary to the peaceful teachings of Islam.”“If some of the local people are unhappy and feel the Iraqi Government has been unjust and cruel, it still does not justify any form of terrorism or extremism in response. Islam does not permit you to
    respond to cruelty with further cruelty. All cruelty is wrong and to be
    condemned.”“The life of the Prophet Muhammad, the holy founder of Islam who such
    terrorists claim to represent, is filled only with countless examples of peace, tolerance, respect, and a deep love for humanity.”“Extremist Islamic groups and the so-called Caliphate that extremists are trying to establish in the Middle East are a complete betrayal of the true peaceful teachings of Islam and will never succeed. These groups have attached their own cruel ambitions to an institution
    (Caliphate) that in reality seeks to champion the rights of all people.”
    “Let me make it clear that the institution of Caliphate leading the
    Ahmadiyya Community has no interest in power or government. Rest assured
    that true Khilafat (Caliphate) has no worldly or political objectives.’

  9. If left alone by the West, after the Turks were driven from Arab lands in 1920, would the Arabs have been able to establish a united nation of Arabs? If left alone by the West, would fighting and hatred between Shia and Sunni stop? You are you own worse enemies. Much of the world is tired and sick of your inability to co-exist and to demand that the way is the Sharia way even in countries where people have formed ethnic nations long before you came to work or to escape. Your teenagers only know how to hate. They are the future. Change there behavior to love and tolerance. So much killing. so much destruction. Is there no end to this insanity?

    From: An American of Greek Heritage, who is American first, Greek second and whose faith is Mormon, a retired lawyer and full-time grandfather

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